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Getting Married on Tobago

Registrar General's Office
Jerningham Street
Tel: (868) 639 3210
Warden's Office
Tel: (868) 639 2410


Tobago Weddings

Tobago is a very popular Island for Wedding Ceremonies. You can either arrange your Wedding privately, or one of the hotels will be more than happy to oblige. We filmed a Ceremony at Coco Reef and it was a perfect setting. Please make sure that you have brought the relevant documentation and fulfil the necessary legal requirements.
Wedding Guidelines:
You can be married in Tobago as soon as 3 days from your arrival, providing you can prove that you have:
Proof of residence passport and airline tickets
Identification of applicants passport.

If divorced, original or notarized copy of degree absolute
If widowed, original deaths certificate of spouse. A notarized English translation if not in English.
Deed poll or other proofs of name change where name differs on documents.
Both parties must be resident in Tobago (and/or Trinidad) for a minimum of 3 days before the wedding ceremony. Please note that the day of your arrival does not count in the three-day period.


Age Restrictions: Anyone under 18 years of age must produce a Statutory Declaration, signed and stamped by a solicitor, proving parental consent.
Divorcees must produce the Decree Absolute with court stamp. Widows and widowers must produce the Death Certificate of the former spouse.

Name Change: If you have changed your name, or are a divorced woman who has reverted to her maiden name, your must supply legal proof signed and stamped by a solicitor.


This wedding at Coco Reef is just one of the many weddings that Chris and I have filmed over the years throughout the Caribbean. If you are feeling particularly rich you could even employ us to film yours.
Prices start from $1500 including travel from the UK (see
VideoServe weddings)

Ceremonies: Wedding ceremonies can be conducted almost anywhere, subject to agreement with the priest or minister. It should be noted that civil weddings can only be conducted at the Registrar's Office in Scarborough.

Marriage Licence: Available from the following offices on production of all necessary documentation. The current cost is TT$337.50, payable in cash or postage stamps. When applying for a wedding licence, you will be required to make an affidavit or statutory declaration declaring that you are single and free to marry.

Recording the Event
:  Anyone planning a wedding on Tobago will undoubtedly want photographs and/or a video of the happy event. Your hotel will undoubtedly arrange this for you. Make sure, however, that you are aware of the video standards difference between The UK and the Caribbean. All (I think!) Caribbean Islands use the NTSC ( regarded so badly in England among technicians that they use the Abbreviation as "Never the same colour") We in England are on the PAL system which is incompatible with NTSC, so many people arriving back from Honeymoon find that they cannot replay their tape without having it converted, adding to the cost and subtracting quality in the process. A useful alternative would either film yourself or ask for the cameraman to use your equipment ( most tourists now have digital equipment likely to be of better than local quality), or ask for the original source tape and have it edited here.


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