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Scuba Diving and snorkelling around  Tobago

Marine life proliferates in these warm, nutrient-rich waters, with butterfly fish, queen angels, damsels and parrotfish swim by. On Tobago you can have the best of both worlds, with Caribbean Sea diving on one coast and Atlantic diving on the other. Chris and I managed to get in a couple of dives while filming the Island, but although the diving was good and there was a diverse amount of fish to be seen, as often happens in the Caribbean, visibility was hampered by the very nutrients in the water that sustain reef life.

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Most of the diving done in Tobago are drift dives, which means that you leave the boat at the start of your dive, and it follows you as the current takes you along. Some of the diving can be done on the north east coast around Speyside and Batteaux Bay.
Some of the famous dive spots include:
Manta City, Japanese Gardens, Keleston Drain, London Bridge, Blackjack Hole, Buccoo Reef, The Shallows, The Sisters, Paradise, Diver's Dream and Diver's Thirst.

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Dive Sites

Scuba diving Tobago 07  

Manta City
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced: As the name implies, huge mantas frequent this site and if they are in a playful mood during your dive they will seek you out and interact in much the same way as dolphins. These giant creatures that look so menacing are such gentle creatures in reality, being filter feeders, and they seem to enjoy the divers company.


Japanese Gardens
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate: lies off the western tip of Goat Island.
It's another ideal spot to see mantas! The surface is usually a bit choppy and there is a mild current on the bottom. At some points during the dive, you'll be picked up and "flown" around some of the bends. Lots of soft corals, sponges and huge vases abound this dive.
Kelliston Drain
Skill Level: Intermediate: Kelliston Drain is noted for its famous brain coral. It is rated as the world's largest brain coral, measuring some 16ft wide and 12ft high! It's not uncommon to find nurse sharks and more mantas on this dive!

  Scuba diving Tobago 08

London Bridge
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced: A natural arch that extends down 40ft underwater.

The Sisters
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced: a group of small islands off Bloody Bay. It's about a 45 minute boat ride out to the site in usually choppy waters. This is a wall dive and worth the time it takes to get there. Not recommended for the novice diver as this dive usually has strong currents or surges.

Scuba diving Tobago 09  

Anybody know what the first rule of video is? Well neither do I, but I have had some scary moments filming around the world. Not in the physical sense, but in doing stupid things that I immediately regret. This was one such case. I had left the tripod on the pontoon at Pigeon Point while I went to film some people on the beach. The tripods we use are notorious for not locking properly, ( well it's not going to be my fault is it!) and, as I watched from the shore, one leg collapsed and my tripod toppled into the salty water. Fortunately these young swimmers retrieved it for me and I was able to dry it out without too much damage.

Blackjack Hole
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate: Located on the southern wing of Little Tobago, this site is one of the loveliest in the area and abounds with photo opportunities. The currents are minimal so its easy to set up your shots of schooling purple & gold Creole Wrasse, huge Green Morays, the resident juvenile Black Tip Shark (if you're lucky) and of course the dozens of Black Durgons (Black Jacks).

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Book Ends
Skill Level: Intermediate: Book Ends lies just south of Little Tobago. At one part during the dive, you'll come up to some heavy wave action on the surface. The water is churned up and high with energy. From below, it takes on a cloudy look, much like storm clouds. Don't hold your breath when you run into the large school of HUGE tarpons drifting among the clouds.

Dive Shops In Tobago

Ocean Point's Dive Services
Ocean Point Condo Hotel
P.O. Box 353
Tobago, West Indies
Tel: (868) 639-0973
Fax: (868) 639-0973


Tobago Dive Experience & Manta Lodge

P.O. Box 115
Tobago, West Indies
Tel: (868) 660-5268
Fax: (868) 639-7034

Man Friday Diving
Tobago , West Indies
Tel: (868) 660-4676
Fax: (868) 660-4676


Aqua Marine Dive Limited
P.O. Box 402
Tobago, West Indies
Tel: (868) 639-4416
Fax: (868) 639-4416
Scuba AdventureSafari
Tobago, West Indies
Tel: (868) 660-REEF (7333)
Fax: (868) 660-PROS (7767)

Useful Diving links:
Protect our world's coral reefs
Learn more about coral reefs

Frontier Divers
c/o Sandy Point Beach Club
Crown Point
Tobago W.I.
Tel: (868) 683 7210 , 631 8138
Fax: (868) 639 0820
Natural Mystic - Tobago Sail Charters
Contact: Heidi and Scott Clarke

Tel: 868 639 SAIL (7245)
Cell: 868 620 SAIL (7245)
Fax: 868 639 7888


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